Build a standing desk for under $40

Growing up, I typically worked in jobs that required me to be mostly on my feet. As I started my career as a consultant, however, I find myself spending most days in a chair for 6-8 hours a day. My back and neck are unforgiving of my new lifestyle, so I’ve had to make chiropractic visits a monthly, if not weekly practice. Several studies have warned of health risks associated with sitting for several hours […]


Duplicate display mode on ThinkPad W520 or other Nvidia Optimus laptop

The Issue: Laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad W520 that use Nvidia Optimus technology (utilizing integrated graphics for longer battery life and dedicated graphics for increased graphics performance) still have issues when connecting to external monitors or projectors in “duplicate mode”. Often the secondary display will remain blank, although Windows shows it is connected. The issue is caused by Windows “thinking” that the integrated graphics card (Intel HD 3000) is connected to the projector rather than […]


Get rid of those pesky “p” tags in Umbraco’s TinyMCE Editor

Get rid of pesky p tags in Umbraco's TinyMCE 3 Editor

I love Umbraco, but one thing that annoyed me about Umbraco’s TinyMCE 3 editor is that it ALWAYS adds a pesky little <p> tag at the top of any post you create. I finally learned how to be rid of unwanted p tags for good and wanted to share the love… Navigate to the “umbraco_client\tinymce3” folder under your Umbraco root directory (ie. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Umbraco\umbraco_client\tinymce3). Open “tiny_mce_src.js” Do a search in the file for “forced_root_block Remove the […]


Adding an MVC (or other .NET) application in Umbraco CMS 4.7

Adding an MVC Application to Umbraco caused me a lot of headaches, and since I couldn’t find an easy answer on Google (it took me hours to figure this out), I decided to post how I got a .NET MVC project to run in a subdirectory of my Umbraco Installation (v4.7). Setup –          Install Umbraco 4.7 using Web Platform Installer (WPI) or from the Umbraco Installation files (see my guide here to installing with WPI). […]


Installing Umbraco CMS on IIS 7 / MS SQL Server 2008

INTRO Umbraco CMS has a steep learning curve, but once you get past it, it’s amazing what it can do. My first challenge with Umbraco was getting it to successfully install on my computer, which is running Windows 7. I decided to create the following step-by-step guide to help anyone wanting to install or try out Umbraco a pain-less process. UPDATE: I’ve since learned that Microsoft Web Matrix (free download) can get you up and […]


The Beginning

I’ve wanted (for a while) a place to share the answers to developer questions I couldn’t answer through a simple Google search. I’ll write here about all kinds of development solutions regarding .NET, CSS, JS, WordPress, Umbraco CMS, amongst other things. I’m sure the list will get longer the more experience I get. I’m hoping this will be a place where people can come to find solutions, share their own solutions, and help us all become […]